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Matt Schultz is a multi-media artist; musician, inventor, film maker, designer and sculptor. His bodies of work cover a wide range from political satire to the healing Mandala Event and he is the author of the book The Dark and the Light.


As a musician, Schultz is most known as the inventor of the acclaimed A.T.G. or Anti Tank Guitar. In total, Schultz has appeared on over 35 cds with 9 solo productions. He was a founding member of Pigface and Lab Report. He composed 2 feature film sound tracks for Hollywood director Bernard Rose. He also worked as editor with renowned film maker Fernanda Rivero Gutierrez.


Schultz has built the entire world of The Exhibition for the History of The Division. This farcical hermetic order was conceived by Schultz and then painstakingly built by hand. With life-sized wax figures and CDs, the exhibition is presented as a museum exhibition replete with text plaques, audio tours and over 50 unique works of art.


Schultz has also worked extensively with Lakota and Mayan elders and was gifted their wisdom and practices as well as being named Path Keeper by both cultures. He is a water pourer for sweat lodges, a sacred pipe carrier and worked as an Ayahuasca facilitator around the world.


Currently, Schultz is an instructor of digital arts. For more info please see the wiki link in the upper right hand corner.


Please contact Matt at mattschultz @ mattschultz.com