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The first seven mandalas are based off of cymatics. That is a visual representation of a sound wave. These mandalas are  based on the tones that correspond to the chakras.




The Mandala Event is a multimedia project consisting of several different elements. The foundation of the project is a series of one-hundred, 2-Dimensional mandalas created by artist Matthew Schultz.


The primary feature of the exhibition is 25 select limited-edition prints, framed and signed by the artist. These archival pigment prints range from 24-square-inch to 48-square-inch ​matted and framed. They are ideal for galleries, yoga centers, hospitals, healing centers, spas, spiritual spaces and homes.


Schultz has also composed an album to accompany the exhibition. This new-age music contains binaural beats which are also used in the meditative practice. Portable CD players are available at the show, allowing the audience to choose which songs they wish to listen to while viewing the artwork.


In the future all 100 mandalas will be animated and compiled into a one-hour DVD. It will feature Schultz's music as its score.


The final stage of the project is to create a Mandala Healing Dome. This Buckminster Fuller-inspired structure will allow the viewer to watch the animated Mandalas projected onto the ceiling of the dome. Think of it as a portable planetarium for healing. Schultz is currently seeking hospitals, healing centers, yoga studios, and art galleries to work in coordination with his mandala event.

Selected Works