Schultz Media

Art Direction

Work with private clients, newspapers, magazines and corporations to create the look and visual style of their products and advertising collateral.


Photograph landscapes, portraits and products.  Own my own gear including a Canon 7D and studio strobes.

Graphic Design

Work with private clients, newspapers, magazines and corporations to create the graphic assets needed for their products and advertising collateral.


Write,  produce, film, direct, edit TV commercials, corporate videos and crowd sourced campaigns.


Create special effects and graphics for feature films, performed voice over, sound design, musical supervision and editing.


Create multimedia websites that go beyond a few buttons and text.

Creative • Disciplined • Professional

Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience in various aspects of production design, ranging from graphic design to television commercials. I have collaborated closely with marketing managers and clients to develop effective advertising materials, including mailers, catalogs, billboards, web content, and social media assets, among others. Additionally, I have successfully led design teams and served as an Art Director for newspapers, magazines, catalogs, as well as TV, film, and corporate videos. My expertise extends to creating comprehensive design materials and social media collateral for successful crowdfunded campaigns. Furthermore, I am skilled in photography, specializing in landscapes, product photography, portraits, and more. Moreover, for over a decade, I taught art and design, focusing particularly on instructing students in the usage of Adobe suite software.


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